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Chatbots, what for?

Chatbots, what for?

Chatbots are these small automatic chat windows that are there to help you when you are on a website. And you already know that good customer service is important for any company.


Some find them very practical and others rather useless. In short, chatbots are far from creating unanimity on the web... But they are often used and beneficial for companies in financial services, insurance, banking, internet and telephony, travel and online sales, etc. in order to have a more efficient customer service.


Between January 2017 and January 2018, there were more than 2 billion messages exchanged between companies and their customers via the 100,000 Facebook Messenger bots.  


Indeed, these "virtual agents" are in fact equipped with an artificial intelligence (or computer program) that allows them to analyze, understand and answer a whole range of questions that customers may ask them. The chatbot already has in mind the "intents" that customers can have when using the chat window.

For the website of a company offering Internet services for example, intents could be: "terminate my contract", "I move", "my box does not work", etc. Then, thanks to a script, the chatbot will be able to answer the person according to his request.


In addition, chatbots can now have almost human conversations thanks to improvements in this Natural Language Processing technology.



The advantages:

  • cost reduction (automatic service)
  • improved customer service (available 24/7 and create interactivity with customers)
  • allow large volumes of requests to be processed
  • they improve over time (by collecting information, intents)


Here is the “Chatbot Report 2018: Global Trends and Analysis”, if you want more details and data on chatbots.


For information:

They should not be confused with chats that you can add to your website via platforms such as Zendesk, Pure Chat, Intercom, etc... (there are a wide variety existing). 


A chat looks a lot like a chatbot in terms of design. However, here it is not virtual agents who will answer your clients but you and your customer service team!

Depending on the software you choose, you will have a space that will allow you to answer each request from your customers. It will also allow you to analyze the most frequently asked questions and thus create your own database to make your customer service more efficient.


You can then have live conversations during your working hours (or anytime) and offline when you are not connected to the chat (your customers can still send you their requests).

The chat often offers you the possibility to send files (photo, video, PDF, etc.), links (to an article, FAQ, etc.). Si it is a personalized customer service that can be adapted according to eachcustomer to best meet his expectations.

And just like chatbot, you can link the chat software to your website, application, CRM, etc. in order to offer an optimal service.


And you, are you more of a chatbot or a live chat?



May 28 2019, by  Victoria Guido

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