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Our dear CMS: the MG2 Manager

Our dear CMS: the MG2 Manager

The MG2 Manager is a Content Management System, a universe entirely designed and mastered by MG2. It is a real turnkey service that is easy to understand and use and will simplify your life. And most importantly, the MG2 Manager comes with a multitude of options that will allow you to do more with your website.


This modular approach with our CMS offers a high degree of customization. This allows us to respond very easily to the specific needs of each project while guaranteeing our customers maximum autonomy. With the MG2 Manager, no technical skills required. In other words, it is simple, efficient, customizable and professional.




The MG2 Manager is designed to adapt to technological changes and to ensure that customers have a powerful website creation tool available all the time.


Here are some technical aspects:

  • Multilingual management (no linguistic constraints);
  • Management of the site tree structure;
  • User role management;
  • File and image management;
  • Creating sections and pages;
  • Powerful front-end content editor;
  • Reference management ;
  • Modifiable URLs and redirection management;
  • Intranet management;
  • Displaying your history updates;
  • Creation of possible new modules (catalog, events, blogs, advertising, etc...);
  • Zone system (creation of new zones, reorganization of existing zones and deletion of templates)
  • Java system compatible with Linux OS.



Here are MG2 Manager's avantages:


  1. Compatibility: the CMS offered by MG2 is compatible with a multitude of payment, delivery, management and database modules such as: PayPal, Moneris, Stripe ; Poste Canada, Fedex, UPS ; Purolator, Acomba, SAGE, Oracle ; Miscrosoft SQL server, PostgreSQL... 
  1. Customization: our CMS is easy to understand and use and facilitated the structuration of your website. It is customizable according to your web content needs. In addition, it allows a "front end" use of the content manager (instant changes) with easy-to-understand features and a "Drag and Drop" system. Finally, several users can modify the website simultaneously, so you are not limited in your work.
  2. Multilingual support: design your site in French and publish it in several languages by easily translating it. MG2 Manager allows you to increase your sales by propelling your site to new horizons by translating your site in a single click.
  3. Optimization of performance: you want to increase the traffic of your site and keep an eye on its statistics? Our websites easily connect to SEO tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This will allow you to understand the users of your website and you will be able to prepare your next advertising campaigns according to their behavior, origin, etc. You can optimize your SEO for search engines with the MG2 Manager. Whether it is for a page, a blog article or a product.
  4. Private platform: Are you tired of continuous updates on your traditional CMS? This time is over with MG2 Manager. Since we have developed the entire platform, we take care of keeping it up to date while ensuring that the updates we make will not harm your site. And above all, no maintenance is required on your part.



Do not hesitate to contact us here if you have any questions! 

June 11 2019, by  Victoria Guido

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