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SEO/SEA : what you need to know

SEO/SEA : what you need to know

Essential if you want to implement a digital strategy, SEO and SEA are then two referencing tools that should not be ignored and to clearly distinguished.


First of all, here are 5 key points to understand the basics of SEO (which means : Search Engine Optimization) : 




1. SEO corresponds to the optimization on search engines, also called Natural referencing.

Its purpose is to:

  • improve positioning of the web pages of your website in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs);
  • bring qualified and free traffic to your site from search engines.


2. Search engines are based on keywords and sentences that relate to the subject of your site, so be careful with semantics, tagging (title, meta descriptions... which will be the subject of a future article!). Also, the titles and descriptions of your pages (which will appear in the results pages) play a role in your natural referencing. 

First, you must identify the most commonly used keywords in your domain, those that are likely to bring you traffic. Tools such as Google Trends and Google Ads (through its keyword generator) can help you determine the keywords most likely to bring you traffic.


3. The "White Hat" technique is recommended: do everything possible to facilitate page indexing by search engines. But do not focus only on Google even if it is the most commonly used (93%), it is followed by Bing (5%) and Yahoo (3%) in the search engine market (in Canada in March 2019).

Moreover, you shouldn't try to please only search engines (in other words, robots) since your site is primarily intended for people who will take time to visit it! And don't forget that Google's rules are constantly changing every month.


4. Mobile-friendly: Google favors "responsive" websites (we explain to you what it means here: What does Responsive design mean? ) and for information, beyond the first page, 90% of Internet users will not visit your website....


5. The SEO of your site is not independent of the rest: if we mention your site and create a link to it, it will contribute to your SEO. And remember that your position is not definitive, it must be monitored every day to maintain it. For that, you can use tools as Google Analytics or even Google Search Console






Now, let's move to the 5 key points to understand why the SEA (qui signifie : Search Engine Advertising) has to be differentiated.




1. SEA is a sort of advertisement on search engines, also called: Paid referencing.

It corresponds to the purchase of spaces and therefore sponsored, commercial and advertising links on search engines to be referenced in the first positions in the result pages of search engines.


2. Its purpose is to:

  • generate targeted traffic and therefore leads;
  • increase its visibility and to build its notoriety;
  • increase its sales.


3. One of the best known platforms for doing SEA is Google Ads. It is not enough to pay. It is also necessary to know your market well in order to choose the most appropriate keywords. This will allow you to be correctly positioned in the result pages as well as saving money by obtaining a better return on investment.


4. SEA is a professional web marketing practice because it requires technical skills and is an essential step in the online marketing process. Do not forget that SEA is of course complementary to SEO. And that the quality of the written ad (title, description) is also very important in the positioning of the ad.


5. Note that the advertiser does not pay for the display of his site, but he pays the internet users’ clicks on his link/advertisement for his website on search engine results pages → the Cost Per Click (CPC). It corresponds to the amount paid by an advertiser (you) to a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo...) for a click that will bring a visitor on your website from the link of an ad (whether in text, video or image form). 






Good to know:


Do you know what the sum of SEO + SEA is?

Well, it's equal to SEM: Search Engine Marketing  which is a Marketing practice that allows an increase in traffic and visibility for a website.



April 29 2019, by  Victoria Guido

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