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The top podcasts

The top podcasts

Podcast is a tool that allows you to enrich your knowledge no matter where you are (metro, car, sports session, comfortable at home, etc...) which makes its format very practical and in addition it exists for every topic!

Nowadays, these industries are evolving very quickly and it is better to stay up to date. That's why we've prepared a list of podcasts that may interest you.

Below you will find podcasts dealing with marketing, technologies or news related to our sector, but also those for developers followed by those for designers.

Note : podcasts with  drapeau-francais.png  are in French, the others are in English. 






1. The GaryVee Audio Experience:

  • Created and moderated by Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO and co-creator of VaynerMedia, VaynerSports, Vayner/RSE and producer and moderator of DailyVee). Gary deals with many topics related to general and digital marketing as well as technologies, IT, social networks, entrepreneurs, and many other web-related topics. He often invites professionals from the sector and you can find highlights of his video documentaries "DailyVee" and also #AskGaryVee show.
  • Examples of episodes: "An interview with Larry KING on 60 minutes"; "Honest Table Talk on Running a Business in 2019". The duration of the episodes is very variable, an episode can last between 5 and 60 minutes...


2. Tech Café: "the weekly news program on new technologies”   drapeau-francais.png

  • Created and animated by Guillaume Vendé (auto-entrepreneur and community manager at Crédit Agricole). You will find information on current events related to the web and technologies are at the heart of this podcast.
  • Examples of episodes: "F8 / Apple & Qualcomm / Tesla / Robots and HR issues"; "Social Network Regulation / Privacy / Right to Repair". The duration also varies between 7 and 40 minutes or often about 1 hour. 


3. The Tim Ferriss Show:

  • Created and hosted by Timothy Ferriss (author and bestseller of The 4-Hour Workweek). Professionals / artists from different sectors are regularly invited to participate so that Tim can meticulously deconstruct their character traits and habits to successfully identify common points for their success. 
  • Examples of episodes: “Kevin Systrom — Tactics, Books, and the Path to a Billion Users” ; “Graham Duncan — Talent Is the Best Asset Class”.  They can last between 1 and 2 hours. 


4. The Big Web Show:

  • Created and moderated by Jeffrey Zeldman (Creative Director at Automattic and publisher of the web design magazine A List Apart). He deals with various topics such as web development, web standards, software, content strategy, typography, web technologies, etc...
  • Examples of episodes: “Tantek Çelik—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web” ; “Accessibility is not a “nice to have” – with Derek Featherstone”.Its episodes last about 1 hour. 


5. Pursuit Podcast“A podcast about getting things done in tech”

  • Created and led by Jessica Rose (Manager of Product Development Programs at Mozilla). She regularly invites professionals from different sectors and talks about technology, organization, code, design, etc... Jessica also gives many tips to her auditors and it is a bit like a real database. 
  • Examples of episodes: “Design Communities: Namnso Ukpanah” ; “Juniors in Tech: Keziyah Lewis”.Its episodes usually last about 30 minutes. 







1. Syntax: “A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers.“

  • Created and animated by Web Bos (Full Stack JavaScript Developer) and Scott Tolinski (Web Developer and creator of Level Up Tuts) to help you improve the way you code (JavaScript, web applications, jQuery...) and keep up with the latest trends. They also give some advice for freelancers. 

  • Examples of episodes: “What's New in Web Development” ; “Potluck - Media Queries × NPM Vulnerabilities × Fullstack JS vs JAMstack × Web VR/AR × Switching Jobs × More!”. These are usually episodes of about 1 hour.


2. Developer Tea“A podcast for developers designed to fit inside your tea break.”

  • Created and animated by Jonathan Cutrell (Engineer and developer). This podcast is designed to be listened to during your break. You will hear from professionals in the field and they will be topics related to programming and theory rather than the code itself.
  • Examples of episodes: “Habits of Successful Software Engineers - Getting to Code Quickly and Model Thinking” ; “How We Construct Software”. You can listen to them during a break because they last between 5 and 15 minutes. 


3. Dev Apps:  drapeau-francais.png

  • Created by Denis Voituron and hosted with Christophe Peugnet and Richard Clark. Together they will talk to you about the development and architecture of technologies as well as current events related to web development. They sometimes invite professionals from the sector to attend.
  • Examples of episodes: "Introduction à Kubernetes" ; "Blazor et WebAssembly vont-ils tuer JavaScript ?". They are about 1 hour long most of the time and are available on their website and Youtube channel.


4. Three Devs and a Maybe Podcast“Weekly(ish) podcast on all things software development.”

  • Created and hosted by Michael Budd, Fraser Hart, Lewis Cains, Edd Mann. Topics may include PHP, CSS, frameworks, tests and experiments as well as software advice. Sometimes with the help of professional guests in the field concerned. 
  • Examples of episodes: “Building SaaS Products with Simon Bennett” ; “Serverless PHP using Bref with Matthieu Napoli and Neal Brooks”.Their episodes last about 1 hour. 


5.“A podcast dedicated to modern web development."

  • Created and hosted by Andrew Welch, Jonathan Melville, Matt Stein, Patrick Harrington. They will introduce you to tools, techniques and technologies that are currently used in web development. 
  • Examples of episodes: “CSS in JS, an Emotional Topic!” ; “WebDev Practices for 2019” which often last 1 hour. 







1. Motion And Meaning: “A podcast about motion for digital designers.”

  • Created and animated by Val Head (author and designer UX innovation at Adobe) and Cennydd Bowles (author and creator of NowNext) who talk about design, animations, UX and UI for all media (mobiles, tablets and computers...).
  • Examples of episodes: “Donovan Hutchinson on web animation tools & progressive enhancement” ; “Rebecca Ussai on UX Choreography & prototyping”.The duration of their episodes varies between 30 and 45 minutes. 


2. Parlons Design“A relaxed and friendly atmosphere to share our passion.”  drapeau-francais.png

  • Created and animated by Romain Penchenat (student at Hétic and passionate about web design and development). It will introduce you to tools, topics or ways of working and learning that will be related to web design. Some professionals in the sector are sometimes invited and interviewed. 
  • Examples of episodes: "Optimiser ses contenus pour une meilleure expérience utilisateur" ; "Le design d'animation économique". Its episodes are convenient to listen to during a break because they often last between 10 to 30 minutes.


3. The Honest Designers Show“Honest Discussion From Real Designers.”

  • Created by Tom Ross and hosted with Ian Barnard, Dustin Lee and Lisa Glanz. Together they discuss various design-related topics, also the problems that designers may face and of course how to solve them. 
  • Examples of episodes: "Logo Design Masterclass with Ian Paget" ; "How to brand yourself". They can last from 30 to 60 minutes. 


4. Design Life: “A podcast about design and side projects for motivated creators.”

  • Created and animated by Charli Prangley (Marketing Designer at ConvertKit) and Femke van Schoonhoven (Designer at Uber). If you are a fan of projects parallel to your job during your free time this podcast is made for you.
  • Examples of episodes: "Creating effective design documentation" ; "How A/B testing can improve your design". Most of the time, the episodes are approximately 30 minutes long. 


5. UI Breakfast

  • Created by Jane Portman (also creator and product manager of Here, design is treated in all its forms: UX and UI, products, but also marketing and many other subjects are discussed. Many professionals from the fields covered are regularly invited to attend.
  • Examples of episodes: “Design Sprint with Jonathan Courtney” ; “UX Writing with Yuval Keshtcher”. Episodes last between 30 and 60 minutes. 



For projects manager the PMI's podcast Porjectified  is likely to be interesting for you: 



  • created by PMI, these are episodes of about 20 minutes each that present you a notion of project management (and its trends) by a project manager, entrepreneur or author.  


There are obviously a multitude of podcasts so if you know of any others, feel free to share it with us! 

May 06 2019, by  Victoria Guido

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