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UX and UI, what are we really talking about?

There are two types of design that are very often mentioned. Namely, the UX design and the UI design. And you're probably wondering what the difference is between the two? What are their real specificities? So we hope that at the end of this article it will seem clearer to you...


Some web writing tips

Writing content on the web is different from writing on paper. On the web you need to know how to adapt to your target audience, search engines and also to your objectives...


Our dear CMS: the MG2 Manager

The MG2 Manager is a content management system, a universe entirely designed and mastered by MG2. It is a real turnkey service that is easy to understand and use and will simplify your life...


Chatbots, what for?

Chatbots are these small automatic chat windows that are there to help you when you are on a website. And you already know that good customer service is important for any company.


The Simons Says Show with Geoffrey Blanc

Geoffrey recently participated in Simon Paquin's Podcast. They talked about various topics ranging from their visions on mobile applications, to projects, vision and the organization of MG2 Media, to the world of entrepreneurship (accessibility to financing, etc...).


Focus on web developers


The top podcasts

Podcast is a tool that allows you to enrich your knowledge no matter where you are (metro, car, sports session, comfortable at home, etc...) which makes its format very practical and in addition it exists for every topic!


SEO/SEA : what you need to know

Essential if you want to implement a digital strategy, SEO and SEA are then two referencing tools that should not be ignored and to clearly distinguished.


The MG2 Media approach

Web design and web development agency, specialist in web platforms and customized mobile applications strategy... But in the end, at MG2 Media, how do we organize ourselves to meet our clients' objectives?

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